Compatibility Reading

This reading is a reading to help you and your partner/potential partner to see your strong points and your weaker points. Also if you are compatible according to the cards and your Astrology signs. As i also take each of your astrology sign into consideration. Your astrology sign also gives me/you  the pros and cons of each sign. Combine these two together and it will give you, an in depth reading and above all answers. Which you can use to adjust and enhance your partnership. Whether in love or business.

Having  this TarotLenormandreading will help you to adjust your weaker points to stronger points, this way you know how and where to enhance the attractive characteristics of your character and vision. Your partner/potential part can do the same if you share the methods of this reading.

This will help each of you to feel more secure within the relationship/partnership and to maintain the balance that each relationship needs and seeks.


The medium psychic online reading consists out of a general reading to see how the relationship looks like now, which gives a base at this moment and then there is a column for her/him (querent) and her/him(partner). Plus 3 oracle cards. But I also use clarification cards in the general reading if so required, to get the right answers. Below you can see an example of the spread.

                                          X        X   X   X      X

                                          X        X   X   X      X


                                          X        X   X   X      X  

                                                    X    X    X

As you may understand this not just a reading as there is also astrology attached to it. The astrology side is done beforehand, that takes several hours, in some cases days. As I go into each astrological sign and make a report on each sign, to get the pros and cons of each sign. (The reports you will receive after the reading, in the form of a PDF and a video link of the recorded reading.)


Which will be taken into the reading, so that I can really match up each character to the cards and see who is stronger or more prominent in the reading. Also other aspects, which you can both use in striving to get the right result & balance in the partnership/relationship.

The reading will be 1 till 2 hours not counting the astrological side of it. There for i have made a total sum of €197,99. Remember you really get a general reading for two people and description on each person, plus two astrological readings on the Characteristics of each sign.

All currencies are accepted payable with paypal, if you use your own currency make sure that you understand that the exchange costs are for the Querent.

It is also payable in tikkie and Ideal, this is usual only available to the Dutch client.

All readings are inclusive of taxes, so there are no unseen costs for clients.



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