Crystal Ball & Tarot Reading

This beautiful reading is one of a kind. As one receives first a spiritual message from the  Crystal Ball which takes 15 t0 20 minutes depending on many messages I get from the Crystal Ball. 

Than I use my psychic abilities and intuition but also the Tarot/Lenormand cards to clarify the messages from the Crystal Ball. I use the 9 card spread and if necessary clarification cards. Also I use the oracle cards to support the energy and advice, that comes from the reading. So I give a lot of advice so that the querent has options and choices to work with to get the best results to the situation or questions.

The querent can ask as many questions, with regard to the situation or question so that they  feel that they can make the right decisions or choices, with regard to their situation at hand.

I work with a pure heart and with my angels and guides in every reading I do. But I never give anyone a decision, as I am only the channel that gives the querent the messages that I receive. One must remember that they are the one that holds the key to their path and destination in life. 

The readings give you answers to support you and your decisions, what is lovely is they always give you more possibilities than you can think of yourself.

This reading in total last 1 hour to 1.15 minutes, so there is 15 to 20 minutes Crystal ball reading and the rest of the time is Tarot/Lenormand cards and oracle cards. if time runs out I do finish the reading. As I believe in quality and a satisfied client.

This reading costs €85,00 it is payable with paypal you may wish to use your own currency, but the exchange costs are for the querent.

One can also pay it with Ideal or tikkie, this is usually only for the Dutch people as it is only used in the Netherlands. 

Do you have any questions with regard to payment issues please stated it in your email.

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