General/Romance readings

General/Romance Readings are done with 9 card  spread and clarification cards where necessary. Besides my natural psychic gift.  This is the spread that gives me lots of information, as I read the spread from many different angels. 


The clarification cards give me even more clear answers to the querents question. This is only done where necessary.  Besides the 9 card spread I also give 2 oracle cards, one for the overall energy and the second one as advice energy.

Well we all have questions, but when we need answers in order to make a clear decision or choice. Sometimes it is helpful to get a reading, to find out what energy is around us. So that we can make the best decision or choice to get the best results.

The choice of readings available are as follows:

10 to 15 minutes (4 card reading + oracle card)   €25.00

20 to 30 minutes  (see above) and the costs involved are €45.00

45 to 60 minutes  (see above) and the costs involved are €85.00

All these readings are available within a 48 hour of payment. In the weekend it could take longer.

They can be paid through paypal.

Ideal and tikkie (Dutch customers only) as this is only available in the Netherlands. All currencies are accepted. Please fill in the request form and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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