Life Coach Session

What is a Life Coach?


A lifecoach is someone that is a qualified Coach that is a good listener and more. They can help you to get where you wish to go on you life's path. Whether it is spiritually or generally.

They work holistically as the word say and means. Wholly, They look at your life in general and also what you like and do and what you have done. What your hobbies are and this is done in the intake conversation or prior to trajectory.

The intake or acquaintance conversation, usually is done by phone or skype or zoom. This is so that the querent can feel if there is a click/connection with the life coach. This is because if there is no connection then it can be very uncomfortable for either to talk with each other. At Least that is what I think and my experience.

It is much easier for both if there is a connection and each feels comfortable. in the acquaintance conversation I will ask several questions and after the half hour of acquaintance conversation I will evaluate the situation/request of the client and plan a trajectory and see how many sessions are necessary, to get to the querents wish/goal.

This can always be adjusted to more or less, this also depends on the querents cooperation and willingness to be active in the home work that is given. Also their need to express themselves. There is a minimum of 4 sessions to 9 sessions. 

My experience is that querents usually have 4 sessions.

The first session we go deeper into the wish & goal/s of the querent. Discuss why they wish to be coached and what they expect from the sessions. What brought them to go to a life coach. Also look at the negatives & positives. See how many wishes or goals there are.

There will be exercises, practically and theoretically. This will help the querent to put theory in to practice and into the material world.

The Second session 

This session is used to evaluate the situation in its whole. What to polish up and what to let go. Also what the querent has experienced with the tasks set. What are the changes just to name a few.

Set new tasks and goals to be reached by the next session,as every step forward gets one to a next level. This will motivate one to get to the end result.

The Third Session


Once again Evaluation of the last session and the period that one has put their homework into practice. How does one feel? Can one see the difference and its effect.

This is also the preparation session to the last session. If one feels that it helps but needs more than just 4 sessions then this is the time to talk about it and what the wish/goals or new wishes are.

The fourth session is more or less closing of the trajectory. Seeing what has happened in the last 3 sessions and if the querent has learned how to cope and get to their wish/goals. 

As I always make an evaluation report, this is the time that the querent can read and discuss their report. After all it is about them and they have lawfully the right to request alteration of any issue stated in the report. What is the use of a report?

Firstly all life coaches are by law requested to make a report of all sessions. The report can be used by the medical profession, with permission of the life coach. As an assessment for the patients health. It shows that their patient has tried to improve their health. But perhaps in some cases professional medical care is needed.

Life coaches are not recognised as medical professional. Therefore I have to say I do not treat clients on medical terms. Only as a coach. Sometimes we just need to talk to someone with life experience and lifes knowledge, Their feedback can make a lot of difference to a person that seeks other options to improve their life in general.

Remember one thing sometimes it is nicer and better to talk to someone that you don't know. this also helps within partnerships and relationships. As emotions of partners are not involved.

This is what I experience with my clients, they find it wonderful to talk to someone that is not emotionally involved with their issues or questions.

The costs for a life coach session of 1 hour  is €75,00 per session x 4 minimum =€300,00 inclusive taxes. The first half hour is free of charge.


It is payable via paypal and Ideal and tikkie. Ideal & tikkie is only for Dutch people as it is only available in the Netherlands. 

One can use their own currency but exchange costs are for the client themselves.

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