This is my testimonial for Charlies Angels Tarot.  She is precise and to the point, on all questions you need answered. Charlotte does not “sugar coat”  anything , and will only address the messages she receives from her Guides and Spirit .. her cards serve as her choice of tool , and she knows their definitions accurately to relay the messages to you


Lieve Charlie,
Dank je wel voor de lichtpuntjes die je me geeft in de theekamer.
In de korte tijd dat ik cyberbabe ben heb je al vaak een kaartje getrokken die resoneert.
Daarvoor wil ik je vanuit de grond van mijn hart bedanken.Het geeft me de kracht die ik nodig heb 
Heel veel liefs van Cyber Angel.🤩😘😍

“Char from Charlies Angel Tarot,  is a wonderful lady, who reads the cards with ease and is extremely gifted! The tarot-reading i had was insightful and awesome! I was looking for insights on several personal issues and she laid out what was getting in my way and gave me some great recommendations about how to move forward! Very detailed explanations of the cards, resonated a lot, I was very impressed! Her reading, advice and guidance were very helpful to me! I’d highly recommend Charlotte, especially when you are feeling really confused and indecisive about something, whatever issue that may be, Charlotte is very good in giving you clear and honest readings and gives you practical down to earth advise!
Lots of love and blessings”, Robin, G.

Dear Charlies Angel, We love you ! Kind regards, Fleur💖🕯🙏🧡👼

Charlie is a super medium (“channeler”).  She channels an explosion of accuracy that come so fast and completely through her words, unconsciously .  She’s a real remote-viewer, and a gem that can use tarot if you need.  But truth is, let her  spill words .  Those words will tell you a lot that the average so-called “psychic” or “reader” or seer would  have to work hard to sense. Love T.S.


Newest review - September 2021

I have used charlottes tarot readings and one to one consultations !...privately !..in the past !...she is a fantastic reader ..and usually within 6 to 8 weeks her readings come true !...extremely accurate & precise !...ive followed her work for a long time now ..from my home here in the west of Ireland !...trust me ..you wont be disappointed with your reading !... M.Murphy  -