What is a Whiplash Coach?





A whiplash coach is someone that is a qualified Coach, but also has experience with Whiplash. Whether it is, self experience or because they have a family/friend with Whiplash.

This Coach must be a good listener and have empathy, as empathy means that they will understand what their client (victim) is going through, not only physically but also mentally.


This could be the loss of not being able to do things, like before the accident. Due to loss of  physical abilities or mental abilities. Also the loss of other things like their career, hobbies, house work or gardening, going to gatherings, whether it is a family members birthday or  meetings at work or with clients. Just to name a few.


This  can help the client to relax more  & open up much easier and feel they won't have to go into details too much, as the Whiplash coach understands what they are going through. As the victim of a whiplash does not want sympathy alone, but they

need the understanding, of what whiplash is. 


As they wish to learn to accept and understand what process they are going through.

One can receive a whiplash even by a fall or a knock. It does not have to be a car accident, which everyone seems to think, that is the only way it occurs.


It can also happen if something falls onto their head or if you slip on the pavement.

The Coach also understands that in general Whiplash in not recognised by some medical institutions or other institutions, which leaves the victim in a state of helplessness, and this can have a negative effect on their mental and physical life.

When a client feels helpless and it has a negative effect on their lives, that is when depression can set in and they lose their will power to carry on.


The client might not even recognise the fact that they are in a depression. This should be recognised by their medical adviser. But in most cases it might not be seen as the Client is only seen by their medical adviser for a short time, and in such short time periods it might be hard to diagnose.

This is where a Whiplash coach could see whether their client needs further professional help or medication. Then a good coach  would suggest to their client to seek the right medical help or judicial help, the coach would know from their own experience which medical or judicial help would benefit their client.


I work holistically as the word  means. Totally, I look at your life in general and also what you like and do and what you have done. What your hobbies are and this is done in the intake conversation or prior to trajectory.

The intake or acquaintance conversation, usually is done by phone or skype or zoom. This is so that the querent can feel if there is a click/connection with the life coach. This is because if there is no connection then it can be very uncomfortable for either to talk with each other. At Least that is what I think and my experience.

It is much easier for both if there is a connection and each feels comfortable. in the acquaintance conversation I will ask several questions and after the half hour of acquaintance conversation I will evaluate the situation/request of the client and plan a trajectory and see how many sessions are necessary, to get to the querents wish/goal.

Please see the Life Coach Page on what a Trajectory is.

This can always be adjusted to more or less, this also depends on the querents cooperation and willingness to be active in the home work that is given. Also their need to express themselves. There is a minimum of 4 sessions to 9 sessions. 

To see what the trajectory theme is, have a look under the Life Coach page.

Firstly all life coaches are by law requested to make a report of all sessions. The report can be used by the medical profession, with permission of the life coach. As an assessment for the patients health. It shows that their patient has tried to improve their health. But perhaps in some cases professional medical care is needed.

Life coaches are not recognised as medical professionals. Therefore I have to say I do not treat clients on medical terms. Only as a coach. Sometimes we just need to talk to someone with life experience and lifes knowledge, Their feedback can make a lot of difference to a person that seeks other options to improve their life in general.

Remember one thing sometimes it is nicer and better to talk to someone that you don't know. this also helps within partnerships and relationships. As emotions of partners/co workers are not involved.

This is what I experienced with my clients, they find it wonderful to talk to someone that is not emotionally involved with their issues or questions.

The costs for a life coach session of 1 hour  is €85,00 per session x 4 minimum =€340,00 inclusive taxes. The first half hour is free of charge.


It is payable via paypal and Ideal and tikkie. Ideal & tikkie is only for Dutch people as it is only available in the Netherlands. One can use their own currency but exchange costs are for the client themselves.

Please fill  in the form  at the end of this page, to send an email.  I will reply as soon as possible.

Please note the disclaimer on the page of Online readings & Life Coach

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